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The great missionary theologian Leslie Newbigin emphasized that every congregation is a “hermeneutic,” or expression of the gospel of Jesus.  Therefore, Alger Park Church is not a congregation that exists simply for its own preservation. Instead, we exist to bless the world by making the grace of Jesus evident in every way possible.

We want to be a congregation that not only belongs to its members, but also to our friends and neighbors who may not believe what we do. We want to bring hope to people and situations where evil and injustice pervert God’s good will. We want to show how in Christ, God is making everything new; and our world is beloved by God, even in its current state.

So together we engage in worship, acts of service, generosity, environmental stewardship, community building, mentoring, and education. We are privileged to work with God in Alger Heights neighborhood, in all the places we live and work, and around the world.


Core Values:

Worship: Because we were created to
Belonging: Because we are a church for friends and neighbors
Relevance: Because God put us here, now
Reforming: Because God's Word continues to guide us
Becoming: Because God is calling everyone to grow in Christ
Justice: Because God so loves the world
Service: Because God gives us to one another
Action: Because the Church is a movement
Core values describe what we believe. The goal was to write core values that cover the breadth of our ministry, refine the priorities of our ministry and offer rationale for our ministry.

Mission Statement:

Alger Park Church joins the Holy Spirit in God's radical movement by creatively growing in and living out the gospel of Jesus where we live learn, work and worship.
A mission statement describes our purpose, who we are, why we exist. The goal was to write a mission statement that emphasizes God's activity, has energy and an edge, places us in our context for ministry, and inspires action.

Vision Statement:

To go deeper into our context*, deeper into relationships and deeper into the gospel.
*Context is where God has placed you, who you are, and what is happening in the world.

A vision statement describes what we want to be. The goal was to write a vision statement that challenges us to be more than we are, gives real direction for our ministries and broadens, yet focuses our context for ministry.