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Small Group Resource Page

How are the groups serving our church, community and world?

  • Volunteering at Kid's Food Basket
  • Making Christmas cards for missionaries
  • Adopting a missionary family
  • Donating food and clothing to needy families
  • Cleaning the Children's Ministry closet
  • Purchasing items from the World Renew Giving Tree
  • Making meals, providing childcare and transportation, and assisting with yard work and housecleaning for other members.

What do the groups do for fun?

  • It seems as though all the groups enjoy delicious food together.  Sometimes it is a fancy dinner, or a simple potluck, a meal at a restaurant, a barbecue, or just a dessert.  But, it is quite clear we have a lot of 'foodies' in this church, and food and fellowship certainly go well together!
  • Some groups go on special outings.  After studying world regligions, one group attended a Friday night Jewish Shabbat service at Temple Emanuel, in Grand Rapids. Others have gone to the beach, to an apple orchard, to a cottage, and even camping together.
  • Some groups like to play games, host Christmas and other theme parties, sing and worship together.
  • The "Memory Keepers and Crafters' get together montly to knit, scrapbook, make cards, sew etc.