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Dungee book cover Men's Spring Bible Study

On six Wednesday evenings, beginning 6:30 p.m., February 21, Men's Bible study group invites you to a study of football coach Tony Dungy's book: "Quiet Strength: The Principles Practices & Priorities of a Winning Life."

Our culture is driven by material success, But Tony Dungy reminds us about what really matters in the game of life. At the top of his NFL success, he demonstrates the value of making memories as well as money, seeing family as more important than fame, and building up a storehouse of eternal wealth that will never fade away.

Tom Boersma is leading the group--he'll have books and study sheets that we'll work through together. Send him a note if you'd like to take part...but you can just show up, we'll find the best room as time gets closer. C'mon guys. Let's dig deeper together.

Write Tom Boersma: tboersma@grcc.edu


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