Pastoral Staff

Rev. Stephen De Wit - 616-452-9686, Ext. 105



Karen Bruinsma, Director of KIDS HOPE USA - 616-452-9686

Andy Ganzevoort, Comptroller - 616-452-9686, Ext. 112

Dan Vander Meer, Director of Communications - 616-452-9686, Ext. 108

Dave Eastway, Facilities Manager - 616-452-9686, Ext. 113

Janelle Gaudet, Director of Children’s Ministries - 616-452-9686, Ext. 110

Melanie Vander Wal, Office Coordinator - 616-452-9686, Ext. 100

Eric Boer, Director of Student Ministries - 616-452-9686, Ext. 104

Rev. Stephen De Wit



What I love about Alger Park Church:
While I was in seminary, my wife and I began attending Alger Park. We have always been impressed by the hospitality and thoughtfulness of this congregation. It's an honor to be a part of Alger Park.

I ...

616-452-9686 ext. 105

Karen Bruinsma


Director of Kids Hope USA

What I love about Alger Park Church:
In addition to the Pastors’ preaching, I love the people of this congregation.  I was raised at Alger Park Church, and have been able to worship, grow, and serve with members of all ages, for many years.  This ...


Andy Ganzevoort



My family and I have been part of the Alger Park Church community since 1977.  As the Comptroller, it is my job to make certain that every dollar that is contributed to the church is accurately and properly accounted for from the time that it is ...

616-452-9686 ext. 112

Dan Vander Meer


Director of Communications

I enjoy Alger Park Church because people here are honest about their walk with the Lord. That walk isn't always easy or even pleasant, but here, we are surrounded by others with the experience of walking by faith.  It's all about the grace of ...

452-9686 ext. 108

Dave Eastway



What I love about Alger Park Church:
I enjoy seeing David and Stephen work together.  I also love serving this church family and participating in the ministries and programs.

My biggest hobby is hunting, but I still like to fish when I have ...

616-452-9686 ext. 113

Janelle Gaudet


Director of Children's Ministries

What I love about Alger Park Church:
I love the people at Alger Park. They are wonderful examples of faithfulness and kindness. I also love the preaching. Through careful and respectful exposition our pastors draw meaningful application from God’s ...

616-452-9686 ext. 110

Melanie Vander Wal


Office Coordinator

What I love about Alger Park Church:
I love the Biblical preaching and thoughtfully crafted worship liturgies that enrich our worship and remind and challenge us to be a blessing to other members and our neighborhoods. Also, I love the many ...

616-452-9686 ext. 100

Eric Boer


Director of Student Ministries

Eric oversees all church programs for students in middle school and high school; 6th - 12th grade. He is in charge of the development and implementation of curriculum for after church programs and Sunday evening programs. Eric is relatively new to ...

452-9686 ext. 104